Saturday, 29 June 2013


RACIEL continues to amaze us and when he provided some new casual look photos with a focus on his 21'' plus biceps, words like "rock hard, huge, mighty peaks, awesome, magnificent, BOOM" came to mind. 

You can add more superlatives to describe one of the hottest, insanely popular fitness models and bodybuilders on the scene today.

Of course, even when RACIEL looks "casual" he takes your breath away -- the ultimate combination of power, strength and beauty, words that were used centuries ago to describe the Greek gods.

RACIEL extends his very best wishes to all his American friends as they celebrate the Fourth of July. "To all of you who have adopted me as one of yours in the United States, thanks so much. I wish only the best for all of you, and enjoy the Fourth of July celebrations wherever you live.

"If you are traveling, be safe out there. The  best is yet to come for all of us in this vast and magnificent land of the United States of America."

Along with the new exclusive photos of RACIEL, we are delighted to post  preview from video that RACIEL shot for the THE MUSCLE CORPS. Over the Summer season, you will enjoy spending time with RACIEL over and over again. 

We highly recommend you watch RACIEL videos in full screen and HD for maximum enjoyment. You can get full videos of RACIEL at Full video available now at:

As he flexes and poses, and yes, displays a cocky attitude, he will make your day! Enjoy, and thanks so much for visiting RACIEL CASTRO blog.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


RACIEL treats his fans with the majestic sight of his unbelievably amazing upper body (he makes you believe) as he poses and flexes his MAJESTICALLY MIGHTY PEAKS in his latest video for THE MUSCLE CORPS.

Prepare for the KING to blow you away as he leaves you awestruck as RACIEL breaks out the oil spray bottle and rubs himself down to better show off his phenomenal physique

RACIEL feels incredibly cocky and with good reason, as he stars in this sensational new video. He is truly one of the hottest, most impressive and most popular fitness models and bodybuilders in the world today.


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Tuesday, 25 June 2013


RACIEL, as we all know exudes energy, passion and action in all he does along his path to superstardom as a fitness model and bodybuilder. 

So, for our feature on the RACIEL CASTRO blog reaching 35,000, we chose some of our favorite photos of RACIEL wearing red --- 

 ---described as the color of energy, passion and action.

As the RACIEL blog grows in popularity, we asked RACIEL for a comment: "It is amazing and I am humbled by all your support. Thanks everyone and as I say all the time, 'The best is yet to come.'"

The color red is a warm and positive color associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. It exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy, we discovered in a Google search on "color red", and that is RACIEL for sure. 

Red is also energizing and excites the emotions, motivating us to take action. RACIEL again, as he excites his fans in every video he has made and all photos of him.

Raciel also wore red trunks in his first major magazine eight page feature for the popular MUSCLEMAG magazine on building an incredible chest routine, when he was only 20.

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And, we all know the red tie is a power symbol!

A person wearing red also signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities but he can also give confidence to those who are shy or need help. Red awakens our physical life force.  

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No time wasters please though. 

Here is a montage of three video clips from his shoots with THE MUSCLE CORPS. 

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Saturday, 22 June 2013


RACIEL wishes all his fans and followers globally a wonderful summer, but adds, "Enjoy yourselves but be safe out there."

As the summer season officially begins we took a look at the stats for the RACIEL CASTRO, now nearing 35000 views, and here are the top 10 countries for visitors: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and Russia.

Thanks for visiting RACIEL and as you know the best is yet to come for RACIEL. Stay tuned.

To launch our summer season we decided to share photos of RACIEL from a shoot with ULRICH OEHMEN, capturing him at a sporting event - lots of graffiti there but RACIEL as always looks so amazing. 

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And, we just had to share one of our favorite vid clips from the shoot RACIEL did for THE MUSCLE CORPS.

He is truly majestically magnificent, and you can order all RACIEL's MUSCLE CORPS videos for your personal collection at

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


RACIEL stars in epic sequel to the very popular first showdown he had with SCOTT. It is the Battle of the Muscle Gods at the Muscle Corps as they duke it out in a flex off that will blow your mind and leave you in total awe.

They may be best friends but each is determined to come out on top. You will enjoy more muscle than you could ever dream of as their new video leaves you breathless.

They flex and pose and when RACIEL kisses his MAJESTIC MIGHTY PEAKS, and shows off his unbelievable physique, brace yourself as you enjoy the best of the best. SCOTT too is no slouch!

Here is a preview

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Thursday, 13 June 2013


RACIEL celebrates the amazing success of RACIEL CASTRO blog as it passes 30,000 views since it was launched officially a couple of months ago with another stunning video for THE MUSCLE CORPS. 

To say RACIEL is at his best is the understatement of 2013.

Despite his success, RACIEL says "I am also humbled" with the success of the RACIEL CASTRO blog. "Thanks to everyone who visits. The best is yet to come."

As you all know by now, RACIEL is one of the hottest, and most impressive fitness models and bodybuiders in the world, and as one review commented he enjoys "insane popularity."

In the new MUSCLE CORPS video, RACIEL shows off his unbelievable upper body, and those MIGHTY MAJESTIC PEAKS we, and his fans love to see him flex over and over again. 

We are also showcasing RACIEL in THE HOODIE from a recent photo shoot with ULRICH OEHMEN, the distinguished photographer.

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RACIEL will totally blow you away in this new video as he treats his fans and followers to the majestic sight of their favorite muscle god posing and flexing and as you can see in this trailer, he is feeling incredibly cocky. He leaves you awestruck as usual,

Saturday, 8 June 2013


RACIEL brings his natural attributes of power, strength and beauty like the Greek god he resembles, to all his fitness modeling and photo shoot assignments,

And LUIS RAFAEL, the distinguished photographer, captures RACIEL at his best, causing fans to comment when they see the results that RACIEL is "a dream of a man." 

Of course we agree, and as RACIEL prepares for more assignments, and more with LUIS RAFAEL, we went through the files and chose some of the "dream" results from RACIEL's work with Mr Rafael.

Trust us, making the selection was tough, but we endured the pleasure and hope you enjoy RACIEL by LUIS RAFAEL.

Thanks to all of you who visit RACIEL CASTRO, and making it such a success. 

We are very close to 30,000 views now and seems we are always celebrating the next level of success.

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You are also able to enjoy RACIEL starring in videos he did for MUSCLE CORPS and here is one trailer. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


 RACIEL makes his home in the American west, at least for the time being, so we decided to share a couple of amazing cowboy photos from a shoot that he did with the very talented photographer RICK DAY, while he was in New York City. 

He gives all his fans a "thumbs up".

RACIEL has been spending time recently getting ready for shoots and modeling assignments with the arrival of warmer weather. 

He is also spending time at the pool, where undoubtedly he is besieged by fans and followers, and all those those trying to get some attention from the bodybuilding and fitness modeling sensation.

RACIEL wishes you the very best for the summer but adds, "Enjoy yourselves but be safe out there."

We just could not resist including a shot of the MIGHTY MAJESTIC PEAK as we call RACIEL's 21" plus biceps. 

You can really enjoy RACIEL in videos he did for the MUSCLE CORPS which are all amazing. 


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RACIEL says it's Summer and time to be available for his annual chats as part of Summer with RACIEL SKYPE NOW ... freshking27 RACI...