Thursday, 30 May 2013


RACIEL wanted to thank all his loyal fans and supporters as soon as we gave him the news that RACIEL CASTRO blog had passed 25,000 views.

We are so delighted with the response that you are giving to RACIEL daily by visiting the blog, and also supporting him when you buy his amazing videos from the MUSCLE CORPS.

Here is RACIEL's message:

Muy contenti, y emocionado en este dia tan importante!

You may also apply for personal training with RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99. Please, no time wasters though. 

Here is preview of the latest amazing video which we call THE AMAZING GUN SHOW that RACIEL shot for MUSCLE CORPS.

Monday, 27 May 2013


RACIEL takes to the soccer field for a holiday weekend match dominating the action as seen in photos taken of him provided exclusively to RACIEL CASTRO blog visitors

He also reveals his "new" hair color as he prepares for new photo shoot ane fitness modeling assignments. 

RACIEL is preparing for a busy schedule, so stay tuned. You can also "like" him on Facebook and "follow on Twitter.

On the soccer field as in his fitness modeling and breathtaking videos, RACIEL takes control and dominates the play. 
The new hair style is also right on, adding to the mystique of the young fitness superstar gaining popularity every day.

The photographer captured a few shots of RACIEL that show him at his best, giving all his fans an insight into another aspect of his life -- RACIEL the soccer star.

When asked if his team won the match, RACIEL simply smiled and said, "Of course."

RACIEL added that whether it is on soccer field, gym, school,whatever,, "I am striving for perfection." We totally agree and are delighted to have available these awesome shots from his soccer match. 

We are also including the intro to RACIEL's  latest heart stopping video for the MUSCLE CORPS in case you missed it. RACIEL makes the Underarmor tshirt look ready to explode as he begins his "gun show" -- which regulars know we call his MAJESTICALLY MAGNIFICENT PEAKS,

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Sunday, 26 May 2013


RACIEL holds you in total awe in his latest video from MUSCLE CORPS as the most popular and hottest fitness model and bodybuilder on planet makes triumphant return  - the moment you have been waiting for!

RACIEL is bigger and hotter than ever, yes it is possible, as he flexes his massive biceps which we call the MAJESTIC MIGHTY PEAKS in his latest sensational new video for MUSCLE CORPS. 


As he flexes and poses taking off the extremely tight UnderArmor shirt to reveal his massive phenomenal physique, trust us, your jaw will drop, and you will be in total awe of RACIEL, a fan forever, craving more of RACIEL, the muscle god of power, strength and beauty.

For the full video and complete selection visit

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Friday, 24 May 2013


Chicken and Pasta after workout
RACIEL is loved by his fans no matter how he looks on any given day, even when he admits he looks rough and feels tired but still has to work out. 

Bit ruff and tired but off to gym
Today we picked a photo sampler that captures RACIEL in different poses, but we are sure you will agree he combines power, strength and beauty all the time. Like the photo says, "OBEY". WE are also including montage of videos that RACIEL did for MUSCLE CORPS. We get many requests for RACIEL videos and that is where he is at his best!!!!!! 

WOW! Getting ready for stardom
RACIEL also told us to pass on that you are "the best fans ever" for visiting the RACIEL CASTRO blog, following him on Twitter and liking him on Facebook fan page.

The winning smile
For some of you that have become his clients for personal training it is an added bonus. 

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Monday, 20 May 2013


RACIEL thanks all of you for your amazing support by visiting his official RACIEL CASTRO blog as it passes 20,000 views less than two months after it was officially launched.

"That's amazing," RACIEL said when we gave him the news that now more than 20,000 fans from all over the world had paid a visit. 

And from our stats we know that some of you have been visiting and enjoying the photos, videos and text about RACIEL, who is destined to be the next fitness modeling superstar regularly.

"I really do appreciate all the support from everyone. It is overwhelming but I promise I won't disappoint you. As I say all the time the best is yet to come. Thank you."

Yes, you can message RACIEL .. Yahoo musclegod99 and Skype freshking27, but please be patient as he is real busy.

RACIEL may take time to cruise around in his car and stop for a special meal to celebrate 20000. On we go, with your help to 25,000. Thanks!

We know many of you have seen the incredible video montage of the shoots RACIEL did for the MUSCLE CORPS but they capture his power, strength and beauty so well -- and yes, his cockiness, here they are for you. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013


RACIEL always looks good, but we know you will agree with us when we say, the young fitness superstar looks absolutely amazing in jeans. 

In fact he makes the jeans look good!

RACIEL is now preparing to move forward with his fitness modeling career and also suggested recently that "I hope to appear on stage later this year." 

Stay tuned for more news from us on that developing story.

In the meantime, we extend our great thanks to all of you from everywhere it seems now who are visiting the official RACIEL CASTRO blog.

The top ten countries for visitors right now are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France,Germany, Philippines, Guinea, Brazil, Indonesia and Belgium,

Why not leave a comment at the end of this post telling us where you live!!!!

You make our efforts to share the best of RACIEL with you an additional pleasure by your visits and comments.

Yes, you can send messages directly to RACIEL at yahoo musclegod 99 or Skype freshking27. Please though no time wasters.

Many of you will have seen this incredible video montage of video clips of RACIEL from his MUSCLE CORPS appearances but we enjoy them over and over.

 Well, better yet we enjoy the full videos of RACIEL flexing and posing, and well, you know!

You can get more info on the videos at

Here is the montage of six amazing video clips from the MUSCLE CORPS shoots.

Monday, 13 May 2013


RACIEL proved so popular when he first appeared on the popular MUSCLEGALLERY.COM site that they had him back for a second shoot. And, this is only the beginning of his career. 

Just a bit of news about how his popularity has grown since we started the RACIEL CASTRO blog. In the beginning, there was hardly any traffic generated from Google searches. 

Now, it is increasing daily as more and more globally want to find out more about RACIEL, the emerging fitness model superstar.

One reviewer of RACIEL on wrote "No doubt you will be seeing more RACIEL in years ahead on web sites, TV and magazine covers. He is such a talent." No argument from us. 

You can contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99, or skype freshking27 with your comments. 

For the MUSCLE GALLERY video you will have to visit but we did manage to come up with some amazing photos from the video that runs about 45 minutes.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


RACIEL bench presses 405 pounds six times while working out at LA Fitness preparing for photo shoots in California.  

"Just watch me bench 405 pounds six times," RACIEL commented just prior to making it happen. Sure left no doubt with us that RACIEL combines power and strength with his incredible good looks,.

Thanks for visiting the official blog of RACIEL CASTRO, the hottest fitness model on the scene today. We hope you will visit often and keep up with the progress of his career. 

You can contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or skype freshking27. Yes, he does accept a limited number of those who apply for personal training, but as you can appreciate he has no time for those ho would waste his time.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

RACIEL then and now headed for stardom

RACIEL was headed for stardom at 18, and before really, but we found this video of him doing curls a couple of years ago and wanted to share it with you. And, as a bonus to show you his progress, we are also including a video shot more recently for THE MUSCLE CORPS

It's a then and now day, as RACIEL takes his rightful place as one of the most popular new fitness models of the 21st Century. No kidding, he is!!!!

Thanks so much for becoming one of RACIEL's fans. If you are lucky he may even accept you for personal training. Yahoo musclegod99 and skype freshking27

 It may mean you have to wait for a response as he is flooded with requests so be sure to be specific in your message. No time wasters though please.



Sunday, 5 May 2013


RACIEL smiles and, looking at his mighty powerful biceps comments "ROCK SOLID", then adds "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" Yes, we like all his fans, love it when he flexes his 21" plus biceps.

Even while RACIEL is sipping a drink while out for a cruise in his car, you can experience the awesomeness of his rock hard bicep.

Thanks so much for visiting the official RACIEL CASTRO blog. As RACIEL fully launches his career as he says, and we believe him, "The best is yet to come".

Enjoy RACIEL! You can contact him at yahoo musclegod99 and skype freshking27. He might even agree to accept you for personal training!

Here is the video clip ROCK SOLID!!!! BOOM BOOM BOOM .. You can get the entire video at

Friday, 3 May 2013


RACIEL appears "double double" in some of his photos so we thought we should share a couple of them with you -- giving you more of RACIEL from slightly different views. Totally amazing as always!

RACIEL thanks all of you who have your LIKE on his Facebook fan page and FOLLOW on Twitter. 

"I really appreciate the support of all my fans," RACIEL said. "Thanks so much."

Here is link to Twitter

Here is link to Facebook

You can contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or skype freshking27, and yes he does accept some for personal training. Please no time wasters.

In case you missed it, here is the video clip of RACIEL and Scott, who he refers to as "my boy" part of a series he shot for MUSCLE CORPS

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

RACIEL aiming for moon to land among the stars

RACIEL continues to build his professional portfolio as he heads to superstar fitness model status by doing photo shoots with some of the top photographers in the United States.

The incredibly talented photogrpaher, LUIS RAFAEL, who is located in Miami, Florida, is one of them and RACIEL traveled there to work with him.

The results are amazing and we decided to start May with some of the results.

We are also sharing a video clip of RACIEL flexing, always popular!!!

As his college year ends, RACIEL will be spending time advancing his career as a fitness model, so stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting the RACIEL CASTRO blog, which we work to keep updated for you regularly. Please feel free to share the link to it with your friends:

We will keep you updated on RACIEL as he continues to make his mark on the fitness modeling scene.

Yes, you can contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or Skype freshking27, but please do not be a time waster.

LUIS RAFAEL has a  quote on his ModelMayhem profile that we believe sum up RACIEL as he "aims for the moon" to "land among the stars". Here it is: "Aim for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars".


RACIEL says it's Summer and time to be available for his annual chats as part of Summer with RACIEL SKYPE NOW ... freshking27 RACI...