Monday, 29 April 2013

RACIEL described as 'ultimate muscle god'

RACIEL is described as having an "unbelievable physique" with which we of course agree. THE MUSCLE CORPS writer was commenting on one of RACIEL's incredibly popular videos that he shot for them.

Not content with that glowing tribute, the writer added that RACIEL is the "ultimate muscle god."

High praise for a young fitness model who made his professional debut only this year with an eight-page spread in MUSCLEMAG magazine.

For some of you who have tried to reach RACIEL, and have not heard from him, he is so very busy. Remember RACIEL is attending college as well as working out daily in preparation for more shoots and fitness modeling.

So, when you contact him be sure to leave a short clear message. Thanks. His yahoo is musclegod99 and skype freshking27.

Here is the link to MUSCLE CORPS where you can see all the trailers and actually buy the full videos. Trust us, they are all amazing.

Here is part of one of our very favorite videos of RACIEL .. over 30,000 views on Youtube so we are not alone!!!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

RACIEL simply better and better as best is yet to come

RACIEL posted one of the amazing 'OBEY' photos on his Facebook page, in a throwback to his very first professional shoot with the very talented photographer, JIM CAUTHEN.

It prompted Jim to reply: "Loved working with you buddy. We had a great time and made some great work. Congrats on how far you've gone, and with your future."

We agree totally Jim, and based on the success of the RACIEL CASTRO blog in its first month, we are also sure the best is yet to come. 

Thanks for supporting our efforts to bring you the best of RACIEL as he emerges as the fitness model superstar of the 21st century.

You can contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or skype freshking27 but please no time wasters. 

Yes, he does accept some serious clients for personal training. 

One of RACIEL's most popular videos with over 32000 views is arm training so we are bringing it you again. If you have seen it, trust us, it gets better the second time around, and the third, and !!!!!!!!!! Makes one want to obey. Enjoy RACIEL!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

RACIEL celebrating 10,000 with thanks to his fans globally

RACIEL extends his most sincere thanks to everyone as the official RACIEL CASTRO blog passes 10,000 views since it was officially launched in March 2013.

Appropriately ULRICH OEHMEN captured RACIEL as a winner and made a trophy!

"Wow," RACIEL said when we gave him the news. "That's amazing, and thanks to everyone from everywhere who has visited the blog. I hope you will stay with us as the best is yet to come. I appreciate the support of all my fans globally."

We checked the blog stats to see where visitors came from and here are the top ten countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Russia and Spain.

The most popular story so far by page views is "Muscle fantasy comes to life". Check it out.

While you are here, why not browse the most popular stories list on the right sidebar.

No wonder as it includes a link to one of RACIEL's hottest preview vids he shot for THE MUSCLE CORPS where RACIEL brings your muscle fantasy to life.  Link to information on all the vids RACIEL shot for THE MUSCLE CORPS.

It just so happened that we found a great photo of RACIEL celebrating with a cigar in another photo by ULRICH OEHMEN that fits this occasion. 

Why not take a moment and contact RACIEL to apply for personal training. Yahoo musclegod99 and Skype freshking27.

Finally, here is the video included in the Muscle Fantasy to Life story. It is among our favs, but aren't they all!!!

CONGRATS RACIEL! Now we have to get going to 20,000 Plus!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

RACIEL making tank top look good

RACIEL looks awesome all the time, we know it, and you do too judging from his ever increasing popularity as the hottest young fitness supermodel on the scene today. RACIEL combines college with photo shoots and modeling assignments which keeps him real busy.

We are sure you agree that RACIEL makes the tank top look good.

But, he told us, that "Stay tuned. The best is yet to come."  We believe you RACIEL!

RACIEL does accept some clients for personal training so apply now if you are prepared to commit totally. Yahoo is musclegod99 and Skype freshking27

Here is RACIEL showing us how it's done in a bench super set.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

RACIEL appears with "my boy" Scott in MUSCLE CORPS epic battle

RACIEL appears in a sensational first video with his buddy, who he refers to as "my boy" Scott for THE  MUSCLE CORPS. RACIEL is obviously pumped for this epic battle with Scott from the moment the video clip begins. 

His buddy is pretty powerful looking guy.

Without bias we believe RACIEL is the perfect combination of power, strength and beauty -- the attributes of the Greek gods. 

Of course the key word that RACIEL has for "my  boy" Scott is OBEY!

Contact RACIEL to apply for personal training at yahoo musclegod99, skype freshking27

Full video available now at:

Saturday, 20 April 2013

RACIEL cruising and flexing mighty peaks

RACIEL enjoys taking a break from his busy routine and going for a cruise in his car, but we got him to pull over for a moment, and flex his mighty peaks for his fans, and us too! 

Yes, the smile is for us too.

Thanks RACIEL.

Just in case you missed RACIEL in this trailer he did for a video he shot for THE MUSCLE CORPS, we are  including it here for your enjoyment.

You can get full details on all his MUSCLE CORPS videos here:

Yes, RACIEL does accept some lucky clients for personal training but please, no time wasters. Contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or skype freshking27.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

RACIEL in 'ROCK HARD' progress

RACIEL loves seeing progress from his intense workouts that have already made him the emerging superstar on the fitness model scene.

The photo of RACIEL was taken right after his morning workout!

In a message to his global fan base on his Facebook fan page, RACIEL said: "Great morning workout. Love seeing progress.Taken me five years to achieve this physique. Can't wait to see more results in the future."

We can't either RACIEL, but in the meantime RACIEL, has starrred in a number of videos that are available to you from THE MUSCLE CORPS, and here is the link to all of them RACIEL AT THE MUSCLE CORPS  Click on the link!!!!!

Also LIKE RACIEL ON Facebook

RACIEL can be contacted at yahoo musclegod99 or on skype freshking27, but please no time wasters. 

Even though we posted the following video clip in another post, here it is again in case you missed it or are one of the new RACIEL fans who arrive on his blog daily. Enjoy "ROCK HARD".

Monday, 15 April 2013

RACIEL 'pumping the guns' at MUSCLE CORPS

RACIEL pumps his amazing biceps, always a favorite video with his fans. Enjoy RACIEL "pumping the guns" as he continues training for some amazing photo shoots and other major projects in 2013.



You can contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or skype freshking27.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

RACIEL looking incredibly amazing when kinda relaxing

RACIEL looks so incredibly amazing even when he is kinda relaxing at the gym, so we decided to share some candid photos with you as well as a video he shot catching him flexing while doing a shoulder workout.

Received a message from RACIEL that he wants passed on to all his fans and followers. "So many new fans. I am overwhelmed. Thanks to all of you. I appreciate your support."

To LIKE RACIEL on Facebook, click here

To FOLLOW RACIEL on Twitter, click here

Make RACIEL Happy  Buy RACIEL a gift!!!!
RACIEL was referring to the increase in LIKES on his Facebook fan page, the FOLOWERS on Twitter, the daily increase in traffic to this blog, and those who contact him at Yahoo musclegod99 or Skype freshking27.

Please feel free to share link to this blog with your friends

Yes, he still accepts some for personal training, but please don't waste his time.

Again Yahoo musclegod99, skype freshking27

Monday, 8 April 2013

RACIEL bigger, hotter, cockier!

RACIEL  is bigger, hotter and cockier every time we see him in a video. RACIEL who is rapidly becoming a global fitness model superstar is gaining more fans daily, .  Starting off in a skin tight Under Armour shirt in this video with MUSCLE CORPS, RACIEL  flexes his huge muscles for a bit before ditching the shirt completely to reveal his unbelievable upper body for you! 

Packed with more personality, muscle flexing and showing off than you could ever possibly hope for, this latest video is a must-see for all muscle fans and fans of Muscle God RACIEL  Full video available now at:

Yes, you can contact RACIEL directly. He loves interacting with his fans yahoo musclegod99 and skype freshking27, He may also accept you for personal training.

Saturday, 6 April 2013


RACIEL does photo shoots with the most outstanding photographers on the scene, but he also inspires his fans to show their talent by creating drawings and illustrations of him. As we all know, this is very high praise indeed.

All drawings and illustrations of RACIEL are unsolicited.


If you would like to support RACIEL and make him happy today, please visit his Amazon wish list

"I love it," RACIEL exclaimed when asked about his fans sending their efforts to him. "I appreciate that my fans take time to do this. It's really a great honor to be recognized in this way by my fans."

You can contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 and skype freshking27. Yes, in answer to many questions on the subject, RACIEL does accept some clients for personal training.

Thanks to the fans for creating their impressions of RACIEL!

Friday, 5 April 2013

RACIEL Following, Liking (and Obeying)

RACIEL invites you to "LIKE" him on his Facebook fan page and "FOLLOW" him on Twitter. As his fitness modeling career takes off in 2013, he really wants to interact with his fans globally.

"Thanks for all your support," RACIEL said. "Now I am inviting you to interact with me on Facebook and Twitter where I will keep you updated on my incredible journey. All of you from so many countries are part of my success."

If you have not seen RACIEL's incredible how to build an incredible chest routine eight page feature in MUSCLEMAG, please visit.

All we can add to RACIEL's message is to give you the links to him on Facebook and Twitter, and as the photos by Jim Cauthen say, "OBEY". You can also contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or Skype freshking27.



We know you love RACIEL's videos so here is one where he is training to improve (if that is possible) his 21" plus biceps.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

RACIEL explodes onto scene as next fitness superstar

RACIEL has enjoyed huge success in the fitness modeling industry and among muscle fans ever since he exploded on to the scene emerging as the next super star. 

He took time to shoot videos for MUSCLE CORPS and here is a trailer of one of them in which he shows off his absolutely phenomenal physique. (love those biceps). He starts off with doing some curls in the gym but once the shirt comes off you will be completely blown away by what you see.

Yes, before you ask, you can contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or Skype freshking27

Here are a few comments from his fans who bought the video:

"Just bought this video - truly amazing."

"I just bought this, this is awesome ! He is sooooo hot ! and the cockiness is even hotter ! Please have more videos of him"

"Jaw dropping impressive!"

"This stud is gorgeous."


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

RACIEL Muscle glory blows you away VIDEO

RACIEL in all his muscle glory blows you away completely as he flexes and throws a bit of everything  into the mix for his fans in video he shot for MUSCLE CORPS.

Muscle god RACIEL a true master at showing off to the delight of his fans and followers flexes his 21"+ biceps and also includes bicep kissing (my fav), pec bouncing as well as letting you admire the hottest physique on the scene today.

Prepare for an awesome experience with RACIEL as you spend time with the epitome of male muscle perfection. You may contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or Skype freshking27

Full video available now at:


RACIEL says it's Summer and time to be available for his annual chats as part of Summer with RACIEL SKYPE NOW ... freshking27 RACI...