Sunday, 31 March 2013

RACIEL majestically magnificent stars in Muscle Station videos

RACIEL is simply majestically magnificent. From his thick chest and back to his unbelievable 21+ inch arms, RACIEL is beyond a doubt the hottest fitness model on the scene today. RACIEL also selects certain fans for personal training.

His incredible videos in which you see him flexing and posing, have you craving more as you become an instant fan of the 21-year muscle god. You may contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or skype freshking27

His amazing vids are now available at

Here is a preview

Saturday, 30 March 2013

RACIEL "physique and personality work well with camera"

RACIEL extends his very best wishes to all his fans and followers globally for a most Happy Easter.

"I wish you all a Happy Easter, and I hope you can spend itwith family and friends, enjoying love and friendship," RACIEL said. "Thanks for all your support. It is so much appreciated."

In selecting photos for this post, it was sure a challenge as it always is, but decided to share some from a shoot he did with Jim Cauthen. titled "Strength and Confidence".

Jim says he was "nervous" before the shoot with RACIEL as he had never shot someone his size before.

"The day of the shoot came and he immediately put me at ease with his personality," Jim wrote. "RACIEL'S physique and personality worked well with the camera and we managed more photos during one shoot than I'd ever done before.

"Selecting the top shots was the hardest part but we managed it together".

He titles the shoot with RACIEL, "Strength and Confidence"

If you wish to send a personal greeting to RACIEL, his Yahoo is musclegod99 or Skype freshking27

Friday, 29 March 2013

RACIEL "posing and flexing as you drool"

RACIEL shows off his phenomenal physique for you in this video as part of the series he shot for MUSCLE CORPS. This is preview of RACIEL posing and flexing as you simply drool over his phenomenal physique.

In the full video Raciel appears  first in an Under Armor shirt and then shirtless. Packed with bicep kissing, pec bouncing, muscle pounding and more flexing and cockiness than you could ever hope for, this is a video that you will want to watch again and again for a long time to come! You may contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or Skype freshking27


Thursday, 28 March 2013

RACIEL "Dizzying display of muscle and male perfection

RACIEL stars in a spectacular new video that he shot for MUSCLE CORPS which is described as "a dizzying display of muscle and male perfection."
RACIEL is "bigger, hotter and more muscular than ever as he shows off his unbelievable physique in the locker room of his gym". You can order the entire video simply by visiting

In the meantime, enjoy this preview, and you can contact RACIEL at Yahoo musclegod99 or Skype freshking27.

See "Muscle fantasy come to life"

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

RACIEL "Muscle fantasy come to life"

RACIEL fans globally have been mesmerized by a recent video in which he starred for MUSCLE CORPS. We are delighted to bring you a teaser clip from this amazing video shot in the locker room of his gym.

RACIEL is described as providing a dizzying display of muscle and his perfection.

RACIEL is "truly a muscle fantasy come to life."

Of course we agree.  You can contact RACIEL at yahoo musclegod99 or Skype freshking27 and also get details on purchasing videos.

See also


RACIEL "looking casual, looks amazing"

RACIEL, even when looking casual, looks amazing, so we decided to share a few photos that capture him at those moments when he is out and about.

At this point in his life RACIEL is pursuing a college education combined with his professional career as an emerging super fitness model and actor. He also loves to sing!

He also finds time for his personal training clients.

MAKE RACIEL'S DAY At 20, RACIEL officially launched his professional career with an eight page spread in the very prestigious MUSCLEMAG. In 2013, he tells us "lots happening".

And like you, we can't wait

And obviously he spends much time at the gym working out, so casual moments may be hard to find for RACIEL on any daily basis for him, but we looked and as always, we want you, his fans, to enjoy getting to know RACIEL.

You may contact him at Yahoo musclegod99 or Skype freshking27. Also you will see links to his Facebook and Twitter ... He invites you to "like" and "follow". MAKE RACIEL'S DAY

Sunday, 24 March 2013

RACIEL "Anyone for a little football?"

RACIEL was an exceptionally good football player in his high school days, according to some of his friends, but rather than pursue a professional career, he chose to go another route and is headed for superstar status as a fitness supermodel and actor.

In 2013, following up on his ecstatically received eight page spread in MUSCLEMAG, RACIEL has lots "coming up" throughout the year.

Even though RACIEL, decided against a career in football, photographer Jim Cauthen  included a few shots of RACIEL as he might have appeared getting ready for a game  in a recent shoot Just for the historical record. Thanks Jim.

WOW, he would sure have been amazing to watch on the football field, and he asks his fans "Anyone for a little football?"

What a possibility!. Anyway, enjoy RACIEL as football player, and you can contact him at Yahoo musclegod99 or Skype freshking27

Thumbs up to RACIEL!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

RACIEL combines modeling career with education

RACIEL conquers the Big Apple

RACIEL, who is attending college, combined with a busy schedule of photo shoots and modeling assignments -- and of course plenty of time at the gym, working out, as he heads for superstar status -- just recently turned 21. 

His first professional editorial shoot was done for MUSCLEMAG when he was 20 and while he admits to being nervous, RACIEL handled it like the pro he is, and the results are incredible.

RACIEL also accepts clients for personal training and you can contact him at Yahoo musclegod99 or on Skype at freshking27. 

RACIEL from MuscleMag shoot
Here are his most recent stats: Age 21, Waist 30", Height 5'9", Arms 21", Chest 44".

Follow RACIEL on the blog, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Here is RACIEL flexing for your enjoyment.

Friday, 22 March 2013

RACIEL shares photos from incredible chest routine feature in Musclemag

 RACIEL, on his way to stardom as fitness model and actor shares historic photo of him holding a shot from the eight page  spread in MUSCLEMAG .. The shoot in New York City marked the official beginning of RACIEL's career. He was only 20.

The feature  is called "How To Build An Incredible Chest Routine"

MAKE RACIEL'S DAY MAKE RACIEL'S DAY RACIEL commented "I wanted to share this photo which is pretty historic for me with my fans who are so supportive. I appreciate all your comments and support. I won't let you down."

We have added one other shot from the MUSCLEMAG shoot just to show we appreciate how you support RACIEL.  Thanks

You can contact him at yahoo musclegod99 or on skype freshking27

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

RACIEL shares arm workout video for fans

RACIEL, destined for super star status after his amazing eight page spread in MUSCLEMAG  this year, shot when he was only 20, shares one of his arm workouts with his fans who follow daily from all over the globe.

RACIEL promises us that 2013 is going to be a "big one" for him as he moves forward with his fitness modeling career. "I am so thankful for the support and loyalty of my fans. It means so much to me to have all of you encouraging me."

RACIEL can be reached on Skype at freshking27.

MAKE RACIEL'S DAY Also, be sure to follow him on his Facebook fan page.
Especially for his fans, RACIEL has made the following arm workout video available. Yes, he is amazing!


RACIEL says it's Summer and time to be available for his annual chats as part of Summer with RACIEL SKYPE NOW ... freshking27 RACI...